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February 2012

Qualities of Effective College Admissions Consultants

If you've decided that a college admissions coach is a good investment, how do you go about finding an effective one?   What qualities and credentials should a good coach possess?
Expert College Consulting
The field of educational planning is relatively new and largely unregulated. Simply put, anyone can hang up a shingle and open up shop. In addition, the field has, interestingly, attracted  professionals in former careers such as law, journalism, and even marketing! There is no doubt that one needs to be organized and erudite to obtain a law degree, possess exceptional writing skills as a journalist, or have marketing savvy as an advertising specialist.

Is a College Admissions Coach Necessary?

College Admissions Help in Darien, CT
You may be asking yourself at this point if a College Admissions Coach is really worth the money? Aren't there guidance counselors available for that? Can't I do it myself?