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August 2012

College Competition: Have We Gone Too Far?

Cornell University, Ithaca, New YorkStudy hard. Get into a great college. Find a good job. Success and happiness will follow!
That's the credo that many parents and kids, whether high-achieving or not, have bought into. And so did I. Until I actually graduated and got my first full-time job! The job was highly-satisfying but very low-paying. So was the job that followed. And the one after that.....
The reality that I was fully responsible for finding my own happiness and sense of fulfillment had finally taken hold. I had been sold a bill of goods in believing that I was entitled to a great job and a great life by virtue of having attended and having been graduated from a great school.

What Do Colleges Look for in Applicants?

Stanford University, California
While colleges and universities would have you think that you are working for them, the reality is, you are a very valued consumer! This subtle shift in thinking can make all the difference with regard to how you approach the college admissions process. To those of you for whom this process is fast approaching, you might be asking yourself,"Just what do colleges look for in an applicant?"
Much as we may have been led to believe, there is no admissionsmagic bulletto entry into a particular institution.

Tips for Writing Impactful College Applications Essays

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.The college essay(s) required of most college applications can be the most dreaded component of the entire process. Students struggle with ways in which to stand out from the crowd, face "writer's block" in an attempt to write the next great essay, and/or procrastinate with the writing process as they attend to the more pressing matters in their hectic lives.
Given that college admissions committees are charged with reading hundreds of student essays per year, it is important that essays be interesting, straightforward, and memorable.

College Applications Season Is Here!

College Applications Essays, College Admissions Season, College Admissions HelpWhile many enjoy the last few days of summer weather, some students (and their parents) are mindful of the school year's swift approach! For college-bound rising seniors who have put off the "nitty gritty" of college admissions, NOW is the time to get organized.
Although the college admissions process can often feel daunting, the following organizational checklist, if put into place before the start of the new school year, will hopefully make your fall less stressful.