College Admissions Scandal
Thalia Thompson, M.S., I.E.C., College Admissions Specialist - College Admissions Coaching, LLC
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College Admissions Scandal

William "Rick" Singer said he had an inside scoop to getting into college, with anyone able to gain access, by simply buying his book, "Getting In: Gaining Admission To Your College of Choice."
"This book is full of secrets," he claimed, before dispensing advice on personal branding, test-taking and college essays.

There are NO secrets, and ethical college admissions counselors and private coaches, have been stressing that for decades.

Once again, an  entrepreneurial  interloper has infiltrated the field of education. A field which is consistently devalued in the United States, and one in which business types, non-practicing attorneys, and myriad others, believe they have something valuable to say-- and sell. A misguided contribution, based on hubris, and the false notion, that the field is one in which “common sense”, or business acumen, trumps decades of research, study, and actual experience.

In no other industrialized, modern nation, is education respected so little. And it shows. The United States embarrasses itself by ranking 17 in educational performance worldwide.

Instead of earnestly addressing this humiliating deficit, we legitimize politicians pandering to those bereft of educational opportunities, due to our nation’s poor policies. Elected officials shamelessly purport to care, yet consistently set policy which retract funds from a decent public education system for all. And hucksters, such as Singer, financially benefit from the chaos.

What family doesn’t want top-notch educational opportunities for their children?

Even the most exclusive public high schools, in which families pay top tax dollars, tout, on average, one Guidance Counselor for every four-hundred and fifty students. It’s no wonder then, that well-intended families turn to the services of college coaches during the stressful admissions process.

The majority of college admissions coaches are ethical. In fact, most are current or former educators, with Master’s degrees in Education/Counseling (or beyond), members of the Independent Educational Consultants’ Association, and some, Certified Educational Planners.

Rick Singer, and his ilk, who have infiltrated our professional sphere, are criminal outliers, and not reflective of the profession. Yet, with every Rick Singer promising secret, insider information, and/or selling outrageously expensive boot camps at over $15,000 a weekend, our life’s work continues to be undermined.

The glibness, sense of entitlement, and greed, driving these criminals cannot be overstated.  

What could ever possibly excuse this behavior?

There simply is NO excuse.
Thalia Thompson, M.S.
Independent Educational Consultant
Norwalk, CT
March 13, 2019