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Minding Your P's/Q's When Applying to Colleges
The Importance of Early College Admissions Planning
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Minding Your P's/Q's When Applying to Colleges

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Minding P’s and Q’sWhen Applying to Colleges
When the Common Application goes “live” on August 1,2013, proactive rising seniors will be paying close attention to the essay prompts. Perhaps they’ll brainstorm topics or even begin drafting their main essay.  Essays are unquestionably a vital component of the college applications’ process! To that end, driven students will spend countless hours this fall writing and editing their essays for maximum impact.  While poignant and grammatically correct essays are important, an often overlooked piece to the college admissions process is the

The Importance of Early College Admissions Planning

college admissions essays, college help, Early Decision I and IIWhile high school seniors are busily engaged with the college admissions process, juniors may feel they have all the time in the world. Truth is, NOW is the time to start the process of college admissions planning. Beginning now will go far in alleviating undue stress during senior year. Why is it so important to begin nearly one year ahead of time?
Generating a list ofbest-matchcolleges takes time as a student’s career goals and potential college major(s) are identified and financial, geographical, school size, student population, selectivity(based on GPA, standardized test scores, extracurricular participation, etc.