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Minding Your P's/Q's When Applying to Colleges

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Minding P’s and Q’sWhen Applying to Colleges
When the Common Application goes “live” on August 1,2013, proactive rising seniors will be paying close attention to the essay prompts. Perhaps they’ll brainstorm topics or even begin drafting their main essay.  Essays are unquestionably a vital component of the college applications’ process! To that end, driven students will spend countless hours this fall writing and editing their essays for maximum impact.  While poignant and grammatically correct essays are important, an often overlooked piece to the college admissions process is the

College Competition: Have We Gone Too Far?

Cornell University, Ithaca, New YorkStudy hard. Get into a great college. Find a good job. Success and happiness will follow!
That's the credo that many parents and kids, whether high-achieving or not, have bought into. And so did I. Until I actually graduated and got my first full-time job! The job was highly-satisfying but very low-paying. So was the job that followed. And the one after that.....
The reality that I was fully responsible for finding my own happiness and sense of fulfillment had finally taken hold. I had been sold a bill of goods in believing that I was entitled to a great job and a great life by virtue of having attended and having been graduated from a great school.