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Students differ in terms of which services will best address their unique needs!

During our initial, in-person family interview, an accurate and fair assessment of a particular student's college admissions needs is determined.

Students and families are strongly encouraged to participate in the process of identifying which services will best serve them.

The following are examples of services available in ANY package chosen.

What distinguishes packages is the duration and depth of the college admissions consulting.

College Essays

I guide students in crafting the most effective college application essays, highlighting their best self to college admissions officers.

I DO NOT write essays for students.

Instead, we jointly embark on a process which includes: topic brainstorming, essay organization/development, proofreading, and a good deal of soul-searching!

I help students put their best foot forward in the Common App. Main Essay, and teach critical thinking skills and self-analysis/awareness which carries through to First-Year college writing courses and beyond!

College Applications

I ensure that each application are filled out accurately/completely with every "t" crossed and "i" dotted.

Because of the ubiquitous nature of the Common Application, students often cut/paste and unwittingly make critical errors by not thoroughly proofreading their submissions.

Most competitive colleges require Supplemental Essay (s) which are unique to their institution, and we work diligently to ensure that each essay is unique and stand-alone.

Interest Inventories

The Holland Self-Directed Search, in addition to the latest, on-line inventories, identifying potential college majors, are administered/interpreted to aid in selection of college major, career goals, essays, and the interview process.

Accurate identification of a student's interests is crucial in determining which institutions are better-suited to providing appropriate educational/experiential opportunities.

College/University Selection

Once career goals and potential college majors have been identified, we jointly determine which educational institutions will most closely meet students' unique needs. The list is refined to include an optimal number of realistic options.

Factors such as breadth and depth of academic programs, reputation, location, student body, extracurricular activities, admissions requirements, financial aid opportunities, residence/Greek life, athletic divisions, etc. are taken into consideration when crafting a well thought-out list of appropriate matches.

High School Coursework, Extracurricular, Volunteer, and Internship Recommendations

Recommendations regarding high school coursework selection (including Honors/AP) and all experientially-based activities with consideration of students' interests/passions and career goals are made.

Portfolio/Resume Development

Students may develop a professional resume incorporating their educational, paid work, volunteer, internships, sports, extracurricular involvement, organizational memberships, honors, awards, etc.

Test-Prep Recommendations

Based on standardized test score results (PSAT's/SAT's/ and/or ACT's) and high school GPA, students will be directed to excellent resources for enhancing their test-taking, verbal, writing, critical thinking, and math skills.

We are proud to be partnered with Bridgewater Prep and refer students requiring additional tutoring to their excellent services boasting an average of 300 additional points on the SAT.

Time Line and Deadline Establishment

High school students are typically under monumental time constraints. Progressively challenging coursework, extracurricular, and familial/social obligations, can contribute to the college admissions process becoming a rushed, last-minute affair.

I collaboratively establish manageable time lines and adhere to deadlines through joint commitment and sustained tracking.

Interview Skills Building

When college interviews are made available, they become a MUST for students strongly interested in a particular institution.

We practice establishing the best possible verbal and visual image which effectively highlights the applicant during the interview process.

Campus Visits Scheduling

Campus visits are highly encouraged for as many campuses on "the list" as possible, but certainly for the top 3-4 selections.

Arrangements may be made for comprehensive campus visits which include campus tours, sitting in courses, meeting with admissions counselors, overnight stays, and/or scheduled interviews.

Letters of Recommendation

Suggestions are made for seeking out individuals with whom the student has had the best direct experience and solid rapport.

Ideally, students will have had sustained, meaningful experiences with a teacher, counselor, mentor, or coach who will enthusiastically and specifically describe one's interactions with a particular student.

College admissions officers give credence to letters of recommendation which indicate an in-depth knowledge of the student and his/her meaningful contributions.

College Freshman Year Follow-Up and Degree Program Planning

College coursework selection and entire degree program planning, which accurately reflects degree/career goals, may also be conducted so that students and families may save time/money in crafting a degree which is completed in an expeditious, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Freshman year college life issues including time and stress management, study skills, activities of daily living, and social/emotional stressors are addressed so that students are fully prepared for the first, and often, the most stressful year of college.

On-going, unlimited support via: Email/Telephone

No matter which package is chosen (hourly package excluded), unlimited, on-going support, for the prescribed time frame, is provided.

Students are free to communicate with me freely/regularly and freely without regard to hourly-billing constraints (hourly package excluded) and are encouraged to touch base regularly.

Transfer Student Assistance

Transcript review, analysis, and college coursework recommendations are made. Student career goals are highly stressed in relation to identifying appropriate college programs and maximizing prior coursework as it relates to the transferring of credits.

Foreign Students

Students with foreign high school and college transcripts have unique concerns in having prior credits fairly and adequately evaluated.

I'll work with you to ensure that NO time is squandered in repeating coursework at institutions which may not take the time to properly assess your credentials.

I will also assist you with increasing the number of credits you can transfer into an institution via testing and credit for life experience options.

Adult Returning Students

Adults returning to college often have transcripts from one or more institutions which require thorough evaluation and analysis. As in the case of foreign student transcripts, I will work with you to ensure that credits earned are rewarded and potential opportunities for life experience credits are fully explored.

Graduate School Admissions

Expert attention to best-fit graduate school selection, application completion, and thorough essay development/refinement is provided.

Financial Aid/Scholarship Exploration/Submission

The exploration of financial aid and scholarship opportunities is a vital, and often overlooked, component to the college admissions process.

By identifying relevant financial aid/scholarship opportunities in a timely manner, students and their families can potentially save thousands of dollars in tuition.

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